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York Vikings Rotary’s Generous Donation to The Millie Wright Children’s Charity

We are delighted to share the news of our recent donation to The Millie Wright Children’s Charity. This marks another successful and proud project in our ongoing efforts to support children with life-threatening conditions.

Addressing Inequalities in Charitable Support
The Millie Wright Children’s Charity is dedicated to addressing inequalities in charitable support for children facing serious health challenges. Their mission is to ensure that every child, regardless of their circumstances, receives the care and support they need. Our recent contribution will significantly aid them in providing essential resources and assistance to these brave youngsters and their families.

A Tradition of Community Service
At York Vikings Rotary, we have a long-standing tradition of community service and philanthropy. Our commitment to helping those in need aligns perfectly with the goals of The Millie Wright Children’s Charity. Our support is not just financial; it represents a partnership in our shared mission to make a tangible difference in the lives of children who need it most.

Making a Difference Together
We are excited about the positive impact this donation will have. Together, we can continue to address the disparities in support for children with life-threatening conditions and offer them hope and care during challenging times.

Join us in making a difference. To learn more about The Millie Wright Children’s Charity and how you can help, please visit The Millie Wright Children’s Charity website.

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