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All Aboard for the Voyage of a Lifetime with the York Viking Rotary Club

Are you prepared for a summertime adventure? The York Viking Rotary Club is embarking on a voyage of exploration, and we’re searching for young sailor companions! This isn’t just any sailing trip; it’s an opportunity to work as a team, pick up new skills, and make lifelong memories.

Every year, we work with the Ocean Youth Trust charity and the nearby business PIB Insurance Brokers to offer a special opportunity to local teenagers between the ages of 14 and 17. Our objective? to embark on the magnificent sailing ship James Cook for a six-day journey along the east coast from Hull.

This sailing expedition is much more than a simple journey. Young sailors will learn navigational skills as well as how to sail throughout this educational experience. Every participant will be involved in ship operations and work on a rotating basis in all positions, including cooking in the yacht’s galley. This practical method aims to develop a sense of accountability, cooperation, and teamwork in the crew.

We had the pleasure of hosting four young Ukrainian sailors the previous year. We still have a few spots remaining this year, so we’re asking people and local schools to suggest kids from various backgrounds who might gain something from this transformative experience.

All of us have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and young people are no exception. Many people have experienced social limitations, which can have affected their confidence. This journey may offer a special chance for team building and personal development. According to Mick Fox of the Rotary Club, this event “positively life-changing for kids who might never otherwise get the chance for such an exhilarating journey”.

Contact Mick at for additional information or to submit an application. Don’t pass up this fantastic chance to set out on a lifelong journey!.

We’re eager to set sail on an incredible trip this summer and welcome our new crew members. So, are you prepared to board the ship?

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